Our fast, efficient service will have your rooms looking great in no time at all and even more importantly, making your home a safe, healthy living environment.

Highly Effective: At removing and killing mould, producing a clean, fresh finish with no black residue remaining (in the majority of cases).

Great Results! Just look at our before and after photos – they say it all! We make a difference FAST!

A Complete Treatment Service: Our Premium Eco Fogging System Targets mould spores & mould mites both airborne and on fittings, blinds, curtains, carpets and other surfaces and items.

Our professional mould cleaning techniques really work. We professionally kill and remove mould and mould spores with concentrated, safe, professional grade products. We are sure you will be delighted with the results!

Unique Application System: Our Premium Mouldremoval System means NO spraying unnecessary excess product into the air, we care about the environment.

No “Up-Sell”: We do NOT use or sell any mysterious potions, ventilation systems, dehumidifiers or ongoing programmed treatments. We specialize only in mould removal (and Mould Inspections and Reports) therefore you can be sure the observations and suggestions we give is for the benefit of actually solving the mould issue and not to sell you other products or services, unlike many competitors.

Happy Clients: Genuine unsolicited testimonials from our happy clients! (See Testimonials on our professional mould removal service)



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