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Need mould cleaning in Sydney, Newcastle or the Central Coast?

Mould does not belong in your home or workplace. It causes unsightly damage to interior and exterior surfaces, as well as posing serious health risks to you and your family or colleagues.

Unfortunately, many attempts to deal with mould outbreaks in dwellings and offices tends to be ineffective. Without the right products and knowledge, removing mould is much more difficult than it sounds. The result? A costly and frustrating cycle of mould reappearing.

We regularly work with Australia’s biggest real estate companies and property managers, as well as families and homeowners to throughout Newcastle, Gosford and Sydney.

We have an extensive track record helping them to maintain a flawless appearance and generate maximum value and appeal, providing mould cleaning for all kinds of different properties.

Our entire team are dedicated to providing the best solutions in the market. As a result, Mould Removal is known for our professionalism, consistency, courtesy and long term results. We provide mould removal services in Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast regions. We focus on identifying why mould is appearing, and deliver effective mould removal solutions for your walls, ceilings, floor and bathrooms.

To simplify the entire process for our customers, we offer free online quotes. All the information you provide is then used to determine a quick and effective solution, so things can return to normal in your home or office as quickly as possible. Want to talk to a friendly expert who can assist with mould cleaning in Sydney, Newcastle or the Central Coast?

If you would like Mould Removal to treat your walls, ceilings and bathrooms, or arrange a Mould Inspection contact us online or give us a call on 1300 681 034.

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Steve did a Thorough, Excellent, and Highly Commendable “Mould Inspection”, Job in an ethical, practical, and effective manner of communication that, answers my questions relating to moulds on the spot - with gladness, and sincerity. Likewise, the CLEAR, CONCISE, RELIABLE, and HONEST “MOULD INSPECTION REPORT” came to my email, surprisingly quicker than I thought. I felt that their KIND/CONSIDERATE, EFFICIENT, AND AFFORDABLE SERVICE, was God’s Gift, and an answer to my prayer - after being neglected living/suffering, and exposed to my mould infested unit for 23 years. HALLELUJAH! TO OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST YESHUA!
Susana Greenfield
Susana Greenfield
21:06 22 Mar 18
Thanks so much for your help in removing mould from our bathroom ceiling. We had a roof leak which led to an unsightly patch of mould on the ceiling. Your recommendations were a great help and the speed in which you fixed the problem were incredible. Highly recommended.
Scott Evans
Scott Evans
22:37 21 Mar 18
Our new house looks absolutely amazing. All of the mould is gone, but so is pretty much all of the staining from smoke as well. You've saved us hours of paint prep before the painter arrives, so thank you so much!
Dave Townsend
Dave Townsend
21:04 17 Jan 18
The Mould Removal crew were professional, efficient, great communicators, and did a wonderful job. I'd recommend them highly for any job, big or small.
Caroline Jumpertz
Caroline Jumpertz
07:02 15 May 18
Thankyou Steve for your help. Prompt, polite, courteous and knowledgable. Very helpful and great customer service. Cheers.
Sabrina Remeseiro
Sabrina Remeseiro
05:56 07 Mar 18
Steve's extensive knowledge of mould and his pragmatic approach puts him ahead of the rest. Without Steve's guidance we would have made costly and unnecessary structural changes that would have missed the mark. Thoroughly recommend this business to anyone that has mould concerns - this was the best money spent learning what we needed to do in our home to remove mould issues with minimal cost and fuss.
Janine Davies
Janine Davies
11:03 06 Jun 18
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