We offer Mould Removal services in Newton

Newton is no exception to mould, however, you can put processes in place to reduce the risk of mould growing in your home.

The ‘secret’ to long-term prevention of mould is in identifying the underlying issues and actual cause/s of the mould problem. Only then can you keep the mould under control by prevention rather than continuing to combat the result.

What if it’s too late and mould has already begun breeding in your home?

Mould Removal is a locally owned and operated business. Our trained team of professionals can come to your home and remove/kill any mould, producing a fresh, clean finish with no black residue remaining.

We also don’t use or sell any mysterious chemicals, ventilation systems, dehumidifiers or ongoing programmed treatments. Our mould removal technique involves a natural disinfectant concentrate, proven to be effective for over 200 years. Feel free to ask us any further questions about our mould removal techniques. We’re happy to discuss.

Think there may be mould growing in your home? Contact us for an obligation-free inspection. Simply call us on 1300 681 034 or email us at info@mouldremoval.net.au.